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How to play Yatzy Solitaire

General rules | Playing on ludado

Rolling the dice

Rolling dice

The player can click or touch the 'Roll' button to roll the dice.

The dice cups above the 'Roll' button reminds the player how many times the dice can be rolled in the current round.

The player can click or touch any dice on the table to hold it.

The player can click or touch any previously held dice, those in the gaps, to rescue it.

Scoreboard and points

Scoreboard and points

There is a scoreboard with the name of the combinations and, depending on the selected game mode, one or two columns with boxes to score the points.

When the player rolls the dice, the points that the player would score for each combination are shown grey on each combination's points box or boxes.

The player can click or touch a not previously selected box score, those with grey points, to score its points, which will turn black. On devices with small screen an 'OK' button must be clicked or touched to confirm the selection, that is highlighted with a yellow background.

More information

Read the general rules here.

I want to play

You can play online here or download an Android version of the game here.