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How to play Pyramids - Tripeaks Solitaire

General rules | Playing on ludado

Changes in comparison with the original game: levels, time and score

In ludado we have added levels to the game, and a time limit to complete each level. If the player removes all the cards from the 3 pyramids, the cards are dealt again to start a new level. The time to complete each level will decrease as levels are completed. Therefore, the game ends when a player can not make any movements and there are cards left on the pyramids, or when the time to complete a level is over.

In addition, we have added scores to the game, in such a way that when a game is over the player obtains a score that is recorded in the corresponding rankings.


In ludado the player has 2 jokers for the whole game. In other words, the player DOES NOT regain the jokers used in a previous level when a new level starts.

Playing the cards

The player must simply touch or click a card to, if it is possible, remove it from the pyramids, to place it on the waste pile from the stock, or if it is a joker, to place it on the waste pile too.

Series and score

While the player removes cards from the pyramids without placing on the waste pile a card from the stock or a joker, it is considered that the player is making a series. A series also ends if all the cards are removed from the pyramids.

The player gets points for each card removed from the pyramids. The largest the series, the more points the player wins. This way, the player gets 1 point for the first card in the series, 2 points for the second one, 3 points for the third one and so on. It is clear, therefore, that it is very important to make long series to get great scores.

The cards on the peaks of the pyramids have a bonus. When removed from the pyramids, in addition to the points for their position in the series, they receive extra points. No matter what pyramid they are on, the points are 10 for the first one removed, 20 for the second one and 30 for the third one.

On the other hand, there is also a bonus for very long series, called "Superseries". Every time the number of accumulated cards in a series is a multiple of 7, the player scores 25 points multiplied by the number of times that series was multiple of 7. For example, when the series accumulates 7 cards, 25 extra points are added to the score. If the series continues and reaches 14 cards, 50 extra points are added. And so on.

Finally, if the player removes all the cards from the pyramids, 5 points for each remaining card in the stock are added. And 15 points for each not used joker.

The scoreboard

El marcador

In the scoreboard the player can see the remaining time to complete a level, the current score, the number of collected cards in the current series and the level of the game being played.

More information

General rules of Pyramids - Tripeaks solitaire can be found here.

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